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The Royal Tulip Almaty hotel has 3 VIP rooms, Hi-Tech Room, National Room, Classic Room, professional karaoke systems, and each room has its unique design and purpose. They are perfect for business meetings or mini banquets.

Classic room

The room is designed in strict classical colors, which allows the place to be an ideal venue for business meetings, large tables, and cozy family holidays. The room is visually divided into 3 zones: billiard, Banquet and karaoke area. The best option for leisure activities to choose from for each guest.

National room

This room is perfect for the entertainment of international guests. Indeed, every piece of the interior is handmade in order to highlight the national flavor of the Kazakh culture. Small parts of history are reflected in the author’s paintings, Amanzhol Akanayev. We also have large round table for a dastarkhan, a classic eastern couch, and a couch area with karaoke. In here you will see the genuine eastern, hospitality and be offered various dishes from Asian cuisine.


The room's name speaks for itself. This room is made in a contemporary design, combining modernity and classicism. It will be ideal either for private meetings of business partners or for mini parties. A professional karaoke system and a banquet table are installed in the main premise. And the additional room has a lounge in which the bedroom is harmoniously combined with the bathroom.